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Sooo me and :iconrumiiya: tagged each other after receiving our respective tags from :iconaealzx:.
And later :iconthesilentchloey: tagged me again.
Not gonna post the rules nor 10 things about me (nor tag more people again) since I just did it a couple minutes ago in my last jounal entry, but here it is my second batch of answers for her lovely questions:

:iconrumiiya:'s questions:
1. Who's your fave oc?
I can't choose for real, there are too many. :iconoelplz:
Though I'm partial to the ones I use more or used for longer, so right now I guess it's Nagini and Uran. (mommy and son~)

2. What's your fave medium to use for art?
At the moment, my hands. *cries* I draw on good ol' pen and paper combo. Have been craving a Cyntic tablet it been around a year, but it's too expersive for me to afford still.

3. What's your favourite thing in your gallery?
The spoiler for TE in my stash that I can't post still. |'D

4. If you were one of the 7 deadly sins, what would it be? 
Sloth. Gotta be laaaaaaazy on laaaaaaaazy days~

5. Cell shading or soft shading?
Soft cell shading. |D *cheats*

6. What's something you've always had a hard time drawing?
Buildings and architecture in general.

7. What's your fave mythical creature?
DRAGONS. :iconmonkeyloveplz:

8. Digital or traditional art?
I sketch and lineart traditionally, then color and add details/retouches digitally, so... both.

9. Who's someone you look up to?
*stares up :iconsarimnarim:, :iconaealzx:, :iconshadowofsolace: and :iconyuumei: and all other awesome artists taller than me*

10. Do you like bishies-
What question is that? YES OF COURSE! XD

:iconthesilentchloey:'s questions:
1. So I tagged you, what is your first response?
Ok. :iconshaplz:

2. List the characters (of whichever fandom you want) that you hate with a passion
Zagi (Tales of Vesperia), Haruno Sakura (Naruto), Oberon (Sword Art Online ALO season).

3. Now using that same fandom, the characters that are your absolute, hands down favs
I have a confessed undying love for rp characters. If I rp with you often, I love at least one of yours - probably more.

4. You discover that yoma are real and are in danger, which Claymore CANNON character would save you and why?
Teresa. Because Teresa is the most overpowered claymore ever, and if I managed to get saved by Teresa out of her own (or god's) will that guarantees she'll easily save my sorry ass from yoma when I need it again.

5. You're made into a Claymore, what do you do? (No awakening people)
A plastic surgery on my stomach to get rid of that friggin' forever-open cut and stitches.

6. You somehow manage to find me, would you train with me or try to kill me? (Note trying to kill me is suicidal, so pick carefully, I would rather not have to kill you...)
Train... no detachment of my limbs included, though.

7.Last likely phrase that you would ever be caught saying is...
as in "stuff I'd never say": "I hate rping."
as in "last words": "I hope heaven's wifi is good, otherwise it'll be hell."

8. The phrase you use the most is?

9. Your theme song?

10. Why is the above song your theme song?
Because I like it. 8I


Nadia Bakker
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The beauty and the beast... in the same person.

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